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    Initiate. Evaluate. Collaborate. Get paid.

Next generation entrepreneurial platform!

ActionLace is a public platform and a new social network that connects active and forward-thinking people, businesses, schools (universities) and organizations dealing with project development and entrepreneurial content. With user-friendly tools, the platform provides full control over the management of the project and propose the selection of potential team members and partners. Team creation, idea testing, easy communication directed to the most promising partners, project/ task management, project coordination, and reporting are key features. Members can present their needs as well as offer their own solutions and knowledge. They can selectively monitor work processes and participate in all stages from idea to project, and finally, become real business partners. It all happens in one place! Tools are super easy to use, so you can manage either your own household as well as big professional teams.



Addressing key business needs

You are able to borrow or outsource workforce with a single click.

Teamwork and community support.

Contribute to the project and connect the right people.

Be organized, be effective!


We help people to realize their ideas.


Actionlace is the ecosystem of successful solutions developed and supported by our members who invest their knowledge and expertise or financial resources and therefore realize their ideas and projects. From the initiative, through evaluation and collaboration to success!

Easy collaboration is your success!

We connect professionals and experts from a particular area with entrepreneurs, companies, organizations, and investors. An interaction between different groups occurs when an idea or a task is introduced and a collaboration invitation to a project group of experts from a particular area is forthcoming. Using easy to use tools, all key processes and communication towards a solution and compensation are done in a protected and safe environment. The rating system is used for team members to maintain the top quality and to improve the services offered.
  • Every morning I start my day by looking at the tasks and relevant information on the interactive dashboard. I monitor all my activities in one single place and I am able to find suitable colleagues and partners. I am organizing a team to help me with my project tasks, or I accept an invitation to participate in a new project. When in dilemma, I ask for further information and expertise from network members and mentors. Using easy to use tools, I get regular briefings, all communication and files, and complete control over the plan and execution of the tasks. Since I follow good content of selected authors I'm constantly learning and improving myself. I also try to give my knowledge back to the community.

    Jurij Vega

    Jurij Vega


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  • Uroš Pust


    Uroš Pust

    vision, architect

  • Igor Smirnov


    Igor Smirnov

    BI, AI, IT

  • Davor Čerpnjak


    Davor Čerpnjak

    IT development

  • Mitja Tofant


    Mitja Tofant

    IT development

  • Sašo Lipič


    Sašo Lipič


  • Andrej Guštin


    Andrej Guštin

    BA, adviser

  • Sonia Pust


    Sonia Pust

    graphic designer

  • Sebastjan Jeretič


    Sebastjan Jeretič

    marketing adviser

  • Matej Potokar


    Matej Potokar

    business consultant

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